Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Release Date:
11 Oct 1996 (USA)

Renny Harlin

Shane Black

Geena Davis (Samantha Caine/ Charly Baltimore)
Samuel L. Jackson (Mitch)
Yvonne Zima (Caitlin Caine)
Brian Cox (Dr. Waldman)
David Morse (Luke)
Craig Bierko (Timothy)

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(viewed 11 Jan 2008) This was an excellent adventure film, essentially equal to a Bond movie. Though the role didn't require a particularly sensitive performance, Geena Davis was terrific as the mom turned super-spy chick. (In her transformation to the tough, sexy, and very leggy agent with short-cropped blonde hair, she compares to Alias' Sydney Bristow – which is saying quite a lot!) Samuel L. Jackson was good as the rough-hewn and ultimately good-hearted comrade, and both David Morse and Craig Bierko were convincingly icy villains.

There was enough torture and violence to render this film inappropriate for kids, a fact that ruined the movie for Lynne because Katy watched it along with us.

No need
(viewed 11 Jan 2008) Stephen already gave my review, but I do remember watching it when it came out and thinking nothing but, “Cool superspy kick-ass chick”.

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